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This is why you need Depth-R

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What are Depth Maps used for?

Depth maps are fundamentally about displaying an object at various depths, primarily for 3D printing, deep engravings, or milling operations. Typically, a 3D model is used for this purpose, as until now, it hasn’t been truly feasible to create high-quality, detailed depth maps from regular 2D images. This is where Depth-R comes into play.

3D Engraving

Depth-R is mostly used for 3D laser engraving on materials such as slate, coins, or similar items. Additionally, 3D engravings with CO2 and diode lasers are now possible. We recommend using Lightburn, especially for Fiber Laser applications, with its 3D Slice Mode (

How does DepthR work?

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    • 1. Highlights: Enables you to toggle the Slider above, enabling adjustments to the brighter regions within your depth map.

    • 2. Black Level: Allows you to switch the Slider above to adjust the darker areas in your depth map.

    • 3. Details: Toggle to determine the level of detail you aim to achieve in the resulting depth map.

    • 4. Slider: This slider is utilized to adjust the Black Level, Details, and Highlights, depending on the button you toggled in steps 1 through 3.

    • 5. Black Level Decrease: Enables your Depth Map to appear more blended and realistic, often applied to coin designs as an example.”

    • 6. Remove Background: If selected, it will automatically remove the background of your input image before generating your depth map.

    • 7. Denoise: Denoising softens both your Depth Map and the resulting STL file, commonly employed to eliminate artifacts or unevenness.

    • 8. Remove Background 2: If selected, it will automatically remove the background of your input image after generating your depth map.

    • 9. Upload: Please click here to upload your image. Ensure that you upload either PNG or JPG files.

    • 10. Crop: Remove undesired areas. Crop your image into a circle, ellipse, or square. Easily center your selection by clicking the center button.

    • 11. Preview: This feature enables you to preview the Depth Map/STL results. We explained in depth underneath.

    • 12. Generate Depth Map: By clicking this button, it will initiate the generation of your Depth Map. This process may take a few seconds.

    • 13. Depth Map: Preview of your current Depth Map Result.

  • 14. Original: Displays your image here right after uploading.

Preview – In Depth

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    • 1. Choose Material: Toggle between different materials like gold, copper or brass.

    • 2. Set Depth: Adjusting this slider enables you to control the depth of both the STL and Depth Map.

    • 3. Trim STL: Increasing depth results in an increase in thickness of the STL as well. With this slider, you can trim away the excess.

    • 4. Save STL: This button allows you to download the final STL result.

    • 5. Save PNG: This button allows you to download the final PNG Depth Map.

  • 6. STL Preview See the final Result of your STL in 3D.

CNC Milling

Crafted with precision and passion, this stunning piece embodies the marriage of technology and artistry. Utilizing the intricate capabilities of DepthR, a masterpiece was born.

Beginning with a meticulous import of the depth map, every contour and nuance was carefully considered. The addition of a 3D rope border brought depth and character to the design, setting the stage for an exquisite creation.

Precision was paramount in the execution, as a .250″ diameter ball initiated the rough cutting phase, followed by the delicate touch of a 1/16″ diameter ball end mill for the finishing touches. With each pass, the vision took shape, revealing the beauty within.

The culmination of craftsmanship came with the final cut, as a 1/4″ mill meticulously liberated the piece from its surrounding material, unveiling its true essence.

But the journey didn’t end there. A meticulous staining process breathed life into the wood, enhancing its natural allure. Two coats of triple clear glaze bestowed a timeless sheen, ensuring its longevity and splendor.

And then, a stroke of artistic finesse. With transparent paint for glass, delicate hues were delicately applied, imbuing the piece with subtle bursts of color, accentuating its most prominent features.

This creation stands not only as a testament to skill and technique but also as a symbol of love and dedication. A fusion of craftsmanship and creativity, it speaks volumes of the beauty that can be achieved when passion meets precision.

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3D Printing

Coming soon.