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You can buy a License for one of the 4 durations we offer.

This is a subscription, you can always cancel, renew or change your current plan on your My Account-Page!

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What an ImagR Online License offers you:


No Advertising

ImagR paid users won’t see any advertising at all!

What does it mean?

    • Faster Loading speed without advertising.
    • No annoying interruptions when changing pages.



What is Contour?

ImagR offers you the opportunity to generate an outline from any transparent PNG File.
The outline will be downloaded as SVG File and is laser ready!

How it works:

  • 1. Upload your Image
  • 2. Press “Download”
  • 3. Be happy with your SVG Outline


Get more Algorithms

ImagR paid Users have access to a few new algorithms, including Baning, Sketch, Marcin and CO2/2!

What does the algorithm do?

    • To make the different algorithms more visible we added an image from each algorithm underneath. (Click on image to maximize)


What is Masking?

ImagR offers you the opportunity to crop specific shapes from images with an option named masking.

How it works:

    • 1. Prepare your image in ImagR
    • 2. Go to Masking and upload your prepared image


Now you have two different options:

    • 1. Choose a defined shape
    • 2. Upload your own mask


And the last step for masking:

  • 1. Save the created image as .PNG or .BMP


Incredible, clean Design

ImagR offers you a beautiful clean design, only with the essentials!

What does it mean?

    • Due the fact that the page only load essentials is the loading speed way more accurate then in the normal version.


    • Also, it is way easier to navigate and gives a complete different feeling while working with it.


  • (Click on image to maximize)

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