How to prepare your Projects

In this little blog we try to describe you how to get the best results for your projects.
Currently we’re explaining these tasks:

Prepare Tiles

Our good old friend Nicky Norton is one of the most impressive laser engravers we know.

We are more than thankful that he shares his preparation for tiles with us!

Geat ready for setting up your laser business with these awesome tipps!

Nortons method for etching white ceramic Tile or Glass or Cups or Plates

Tiles Image from Norton

Important: Do not use air assist .. it will reduce “Blacks”
1. Set DPI to around 300
2. Clean white tile with Lacquer thinner
3. Paint tile / Glass Flat White..allow to dry (one light coating should do)
4. Fine focus Laser beam
5. Clean off all paint with Lacquer Thinner
6. Place felt pads on bottom to prevent scratching

Prepare Acrylic

Only engrave cast acrylic, don’t use extruded!

Mirror your image, because we engrave it on the backside.

Invert the colors of the image.

Remove the foil from the side, where you want to engrave.

Put a layer of dish soap on the side with no foil, this prevent the acrylic for bild spots

After engraving wash the acrylic and dry it with a smooth cloth, don’t scratch the acrylic!

Now remove foil from backside, all finished in best quality!

Prepare Black Marble

Make sure you painted the marble with clear coat before.

Let it dry, after it put a layer of dish soap over it

On marble all engravings turn white, so we have to invert the colors of the image.

After engraving is done wash the marble under water, let it dry.

Now we have a great image on marble!

Prepare painted wood

With the Norton method

Dog Image from Norton

1. Set DPI to around 300 (Check the Gap size table to get your DPI and Scan Gap)
2. Use a non-grainy wood..I prefer pine
3. Sand smooth..220 grit sandpaper
4. Spray two coats Flat Black ..sand with 220 in between coats
5. Spray flat white (gloss white reflects beam)
6. Fine focus Laser beam
7. For that extra touch sand the edges of wood lightly to just see the black
8. To get a nice sharp contrast..give a coat of clear coat varathane