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ImagR offers you the opportunity to be a Content Creator,
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    How it works:

  • 1. Fill out the form as detailed as possible
  • 2. If we choose you, you’ll get an offline and online license for one month for free
  • 3. In the last days of the month, you have to show us your posts/videos via screenshots/links
  • 4. If we are happy with your results we will extend your licenses for another month
  • 5. You’re not allowed to post your projects in our Facebook Group, since we want to find new ways

    You can tick multiple platforms.

    Show us five of your favorite final engravings made with ImagR - Max. 10MB / File.Example

    Tell us why we should choose you, something about your laser experience, and useful abilities for content creating.

    Show us an screenshot of an example posting for imag-r.com.Example